Blue Angel Editions

We are a small publishing company based in Vancouver, Canada. Our books, Dreaming in Colors, History of Rock and Rolland most recently The Mayan Mysteries a fiction book.

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Angelical healing sessions

Angelical sessions   can help to connect you with your own ability to heal yourself. Sessions can uncover root causes, generate healing energy and offer advice on what steps are necessary to greater inner peace. Energy sessions are helpful for emotional and physical healing and to alleviate stress. Clients often speak of a feeling of peacefulness during the sessions. Ask for more information by email.

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Spanish courses for busy people in Vancouver

Are you thinking to study a new language?; do you know that Spain and Mexico are two of the most interesting place to visit in the world?; do you know that 559 millions of persons speak Spanish?; are you planning to make business in Latinoamerica?. We offer conversational Spanish courses for busy people like you … ask for more information.

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I Believe

I believe that we are all healers and that we are all our own teachers. This principle of “all is within” really means that we already have answers to any of our questions, because the answers reside within each one of us.


I believe that everyone has within them the same inherent qualities. The only difference is access. Some people know how to access inner space and how to read its language, and others – the ones who strive to – are in some stage of learning. It takes an effort and at times outside teachers or teachings, but ultimately, it is for each one of us to find our own way.


I believe in the spirituality of the everyday, that our lives each and every day are filled with encounters and opportunities for spiritual growth.




THe Mayan House (Spanish)

The following video show you how the Mayan build their houses ....
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