Water, sea

Water crystal of water that was exposed

to a label ‘Love & Thanks’

I am confident that through my long years of research, I understand now that harmonious and positive energy creates beautiful hexagonal shaped crystals and not for all other negative energies.

‘Water is the reflection of your heart and soul.” Based on this information, it feels like the human population is currently being questioned about their way of living so far. Are modern day people living a life on a daily basis that is full of ‘Love and Thanks’ energy? The answer is obvious: no. On the contrary, we are all immersed in fear and resentment and living a life that is full of gluttony, over consumption and worries.

Pray for the Water

“Water, We Love You.”

“Water, We Thank You.”

“Water, We Respect You.”

September 4, 2005

Masaru Emoto

Interview with Sharon MacGougan, writer

The interview of Laurinda Hernandez with Sharon MacGougan about her book The Mayan Mysteries ....

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Myths of Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca

In the days of Quetzalcoatl there was abundance of everything necessary for subsistence. The maize was plentiful, the calabashes were as thick as one’s arm, and cotton grew in all colours without having to be dyed. A variety of birds of rich plumage filled the air with their songs, and gold, silver, and precious stones were abundant. In the reign of Quetzalcoad there was peace and plenty for all men.