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BOOKS: The Mayan Mysteries


Mexico – 700/900 AD

The Mayan moon. White, bright and full it created a shining path through the jungle. The solitary figure below was grateful for the guidance. Each step he took was a step of faith. And as the moon seemed to draw the way before him, nothing sustained his faith more than that portent signal from the sky; an affirmation for him that there was still hope …

Four days had passed since he entered the jungle. Bone-tired, squatted down on his haunches he smelled the air, breathing in the scents of plants strange to him, and occasionally a whiff of an animal close by. By day the jungle sang to him, a never-ending cacophony of birds and insects, joyous and chaotic. But nighttime was different. At night, each sound was eerily amplified by the stillness of his world. Yellow feline eyes stared out at him, brazen under the cover of darkness. Then he would purposefully slow down his breathing; always he would look towards the sky…

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