Aztecs or Mexicas

The Aztecs are the people who came from Aztlan the place of origin of the Aztec peoples. Aztec in Nahuatl means the people who came from Aztlan. Mexica means people from Mexico. Mexicas, therefore are the Aztecs that split from other Aztec groups and they build the city of Mexico-Tenochtitlan (what is now Mexico City).


The Olmecs

The Olmecas founded their cities and carved their sculptures there. The Olmecas is considered the mother culture of the civilization in Mesoamerica. Limited to the east by the Tuxtlas mountains, and by the Southern Mountain Range (Sierra Madre del Sur) in the region called “metropolitan area”, “climax area”, or “nuclear zone”, in that area where located the long-ago famous cities such as: La Venta, San Lorenzo, Laguna de los Cerros, and Tres Zapotes.

The Mayan

The Mayan Culture is considered to be one of the largest culture in the American continent because of their knowledge in sciences, astrology and more. This civilization was living during the third millennium before Christ, living in a 320,000 square Km territory, taking in regions of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and part of El Salvador.

The Posadas

In Mexico, Christmas is an important holiday season with strong traditions. One of the most colorful traditions is the posada party, celebrated every evening from December 16 to 24. These celebrations commemorate Mary and Joseph’s cold and difficult journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search of shelter. “Posada” in Spanish, simply means lodging or shelter. Nowadays, the posada has evolved into a religious and social celebration, paying a festive homage to the journey.

The Mexican Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead is thought to be the one time of the year that the dead are allowed to return to earth to visit loved ones. The purpose of the altar and its “ofrenda” (offering) is to guide and welcome them home.

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